The plateau des Glières is located at 30 minutes from Annecy and the Arve valley. The perfect place to recharge your batteries and entertain yourself.

Plateau des Glières - Copyright (Yan Gaetan O)

A hotbed of Resistance

Choose as the field of paradrops for the allied forces, the Plateau des Glieres housed .in February and March 1944, more than 460 members of the Resistance charged to receive the weapons intended for the Resistance of all the region (Haute-Savoie). The Memory and Citizenship service of the departmental Council proposes educational tour on this site (free or guided). The historic tour allows to the visitors to discover during 2 hours, the daily life of the members of the Resistance during winter 1944 and also the national monument of Resistance built by Emile Gilioli.

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Glieres, a protected wild environment

The Plateau des Glieres is classified and protected as a Natural Space with 450 hectares of pastures, forest and cliffs that make it a mixed landscape. The fauna and the flora are remarkable : sundews, capercaillie, grouses… The next stop : the Chalet Sonnerat, located in the heart of the Plateau, to know everything about it !

Plateau des Glières - Moment en famille - rando (30)
Plateau des Glières Hiver - Yan Gaetan

Nordic area in winter, hiking place in summer

The Plateau des Glieres is an emblematic place for Nordic ski in Haute Savoie, often classified as the first Nordic area in terms of popularity. It offers a qualified field, a large area with 29 km of trails adapted for all level. This is also a place to practice snowshoeing, you will enjoy 17 km of trails! Do you want to live a unforgettable experience? You must try dogsledding on the Plateau des Glieres !

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Let’s talk about hiking

You have a  number of hiking trails to go to the Plateau and also on the Plateau des Glieres itself :

  • The Discovery of the nature tour – Loop – Easy – 2h30 – 100m D+
  • The Discovery of the history tour – Loop – Easy – 1h30 – 50m D+
  • The Commandery tour – Loop – Easy – 1h30 – 150m D+
  • The Dran’s plain – Loop – Easy – 2h45 – 360m D+
  • The Ablon ‘s comble – Return journey – Easy – 2h30 – 420m D+
  • The Tom Morel path – Return journey – Hard – 4h30 – 780m D+
  • The Pas du Roc – Return journey – Hard – 5h30 – 790m D+
  • The Auge mountain – Return journey – Medium – 2h35 –370m D+

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The practice of outdoor activities (VTT, hiking, Nordic skiing…) is totally adapted to the Plateau and it is compatible with the respect of this natural and historic heritage.
Plateau des Glières - Moment en famille - rando (31)