Above the village of Brizon, the Plateau de Solaison has an altitude of 1500m and it nestles between the Pointe d’Andey and the Leschaux rocks. Solaison is a mountain pasture in summer and a Nordic area in winter.It has about fifty mountain chalet and some of them are occupied all year round.  It tells witness to a pastoral tradition directly linked to the agricultural activities of Brison.

In the heart of the Plateau, you have “La fruitière” a shelter that has been used in the past to collect milk and turn it into cheese. Today it is there that groups can spend the night and also the building where you can rent your skis and buy your ski pass.

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Plateau de solaison Hiver

Solaison : a protected nature

There is more than humans on the Plateau de Solaison, there are many plant and animal species. They find in Solaison the perfect conditions for their development.

The gradual disappearance of the capercaillie, also called the black grouse, is now a symbol on the Plateau de Solaison. It represents the endangered species and how delicate is the nature. There are some areas to observe this specie. To inform visitors, information signs has been installed and they refer to fauna, flora, geology or the mountain pasture of Solaison.


Solaison : its diverse activities

In nineteenth century,  tourist already frequented the area. Each weekend they are still more to get up high, far from the valley, just to gain some fresh air.

Winter and summer alike,Solaison offer a a wide variety of activities. During winter, try out :crosscounty skiing, biathlon, snowshoes and luge. During summer, be ready for hiking, cycling, climbing or paragliding. It’s a place where every one can fulfill his passion. You must go to the Pointe d’Andey (directly from the Plateau de Solaison), to enjoy a panoramic view on the valley.

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