The Mole Mountain

This mountain dominates Bonneville, Ayze, La Tour, Saint Jean de Tholome, Marignier , Saint Jeoire, Ville en Sallaz, Peillonnex and Faucigny. It has a geographical importance because of few points: it separates the Arve valley and the Giffre Valley and it announces the south entrance of Geneva region.

This mountain is one of very few mountain not attached to a mountain range, and that impossible for you to miss it ! The mole is characterized by its special shape making us think of a volcano, some people even compares it to Mount Fuji in Japan.

Its rise is a classical and intermediate hike in our region and it allows you to discover a panoramic view where you will see remarkable landscapes (Jura, Leman Lake, Mont Blanc, Bargy, Aravis Chablais and Saleve mountains range)

Did you know that ? In 1775, it is from the Mole that Horace Benedict de Saussure has measured the Mont Blanc mountain for the first time. It only make a little mistake of 35 meters, which is incredible at this time! Today, the Mont-Blanc range culminating with Europe's highest peak at 4810 m.
Montagne du  Môle

Climbing the Mole !

You can reach the Mole with different hiking departure: the easiest is from Saint Jean de Tholome (2h45 of walking with 700mD+), and you can also reach that mountain from Marignier or Ayze but these two paths are for very good walkers because they are very hard (1000D+)

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