Located on Petit Bornand les Glieres, the Lessy lake is in the core of a preserved nature and in the middle of mountain pastures. The lake, at 1730 m, has an approximate area of 7.1 hectares and nestles in a ravine at the foot of the Jalouvre (2408m). This is a mountain lake; its access is only by foot and it is highly appreciated by hikers and fishers.

The Lessy lake: an awarded lake

A couple of years ago, the Lessy lake was the subject of research and some change have been made because there was a risk that it becomes empty. For those works, the Lessy lake was awarded with the “Marianne d’or” of environment



Fish stocking

This lake has no connection with any river, so 2000 salmons fry have been stocked in the Lessy lake. If you’re a fisher, it’s waiting for you! You must respect the rules of fishing in the lake and buy a license (you can buy it in our tourist office in Bonneville)


To go to the Lessy lake

Lace up your running shoes!

Do you want to go to Lessy lake and contemplate one of the most pleasant lake in Haute-Savoie? We have 3 hiking paths for you (access is recommended between June and October)

  • The Lessy lake by Paradis -4h30 walking / 494mD+
  • The Lessy lake by Cenise – 3h walking / 597m D+
  • The Lessy lake by Mayse – 5h30 walking / 944m D+

For more information about those hikes, you must download these hiking itineraries or come to visit us, we will give them to you.