The castle of Bonneville, also called the Faucigny Sires castle or the Beatrix of Faucigny castle is an old castle built in the thirteenth century whose vestiges are located in Bonneville.It has been built on a  rocky mound in  the foothills of the Mole in 1260 by Pierre II of Savoie and its daughter Beatrix of Faucigny. This east-west facing castle respect the regular pattern called « Savoyard square”, that means that it’s built like a square with round towers at each angles. Nowadays, it stands only two round towers connected by a curtain wall of 18 meters. On the south wall, we can observe a pointed window, characteristic of the Gothic style (the window had been boarded up)

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Imminent opening !

Initially  a Seigneurial residence and then a Comtal residence, it became the seat of a châtellenie following the 1392 fire which destroyed the apartments. From sixteenth century, the castle was turned as a prison (avoiding its destruction) It will stay a prison until World War II.

This castle is the only surviving example of Savoyard military architecture during the Middle Age in the Pays de Savoie. It marks the foundation of Bonneville and remains one of its most remarkable monuments. It was registered in the inventory of Historic Monuments in 1987. At the moment the castle is under renovation and a part of it might be open to visitors for summer season 2019. We look forward to welcome you and to help you to discover this touristic site !


Because of the sanitary crisis, the castle will be closed for summer 2020. We hope that it will open in September for the Heritage national days.