The Ayze vineyard, based upon a unique grape variety in the world : the Gringet

The AOC wine of Ayze is cultivated in foothills of the Môle, on the village of Ayze and Marignier and the city of Bonneville. The surface of the vineyard is 21 hectares.

Cepage Vin d'Ayze

The origins of the Gringet variety, a mysterious wine

Two possibilities are put forward to situate the grape variety of  our mountains in time. First theory: it would have been imported from Cyprus in the fourteenth century by the bishops coming back from the Council of Trent in Italy. Second theory : the Gringet would have been brought in Ayze by the  Knights Templar whose Commandery was located in Geneva

The Ayze wine: two types of wine.

It is fermented and made into sparkling wine following a traditional fabrication and sold two years after  its year of production. It is a noble and sparkling wine with an original aroma of violet, white peach and jasmine with a slightly lemon taste. It is very refreshing !

The second type of Ayze wine is a still wine. It is classified as a traditional Savoie Wine but always with the originality brought by the grape variety “The Gringet”.

It’s a wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or to accompany your desserts.


Vin d'Ayze mousseux

The Ayze wine: a quality wine.

Before the end of the 19th century, the Ayze wine is bottled to be consumne as a sparkling wine.It as been awarded during different meeting : in La Roche (1889), in Annecy (1892) and Lyon (1894).Ayze Wine Syndicate has been created in 1951 and fought to obtain the  VDQS (superior quality wine) appellation. Two year after that, the Ayze wine is classified with  AOC Wine of Savoie. The wine producers improved the quality of the wine throughout the year, with new techniques which are more elaborated. These days, a few wine producers are working in biodynamic production.

Tours of the vineyards

Do you want to see and know more about the Ayze wine ? Do you want to taste it ?

Faucigny Glieres Tourism offers you the possibility to enjoy guided tours ! Don’t hesitate to contact us to have all the information and book a tour.


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