The Pointe d’Andey, with its altitude of 1877m, is a “balcony” with an exceptional overview on the valley and dominates Bonneville by the South. Its location offers a dominant view over the other mountains: the Bargy and the Aravis mountains range on the one hand and the Mont Blanc, the Leman Lake and the Jura massif on the other. If you’re very lucky, you might see black grouses or ibexes.


Climbing the pointe d’Andey.

The Pointe d’Andey is the perfect target for a first hike and to begin the spring and summer season when the other snow-covered peaks are unreachable. Without any difficulties, this hike lasts 1h30 with 377m D+ and is accessible to all hikers. At the top of it, you will contemplate the incredible panoramic view.

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The meeting with the fauna and the flora.

During your walk you might see some protected species as the black grouse, because a part of this path is classed as a ZNIEFF zone (Natural Zone of Interest for Ecology, Flora and Fauna) and also a Natura 2000 area.

Did you know that ?

The Pointe d’Andey has been painted by Ferdinand Hodler (a swiss painter). This painting belongs to the Orsay Museum. At first it was call “Paysage”, but today its name is “La Pointe d’Andey, vallée de l’Arve”.