Ready for the snow ?

With the first snowfalls, it is important to adopt the right attitudes on the road. The department of Haute-Savoie informs you about the equipment and practices appropriate for this winter period.


– The roof free of snow, the windows defrosted before setting off.
– Well informed about the weather and traffic conditions.
– Windscreen washer fluid that doesn’t freeze, full tank of fuel, headlights
– Snow removal and salting machines are working (blue flashing light): Make it easy for them to pass and do not overtake them.
– Winter tyres at the front and rear or socks or chains(which you know how to fit to the drive wheels).
– Lighting: you need to see and be seen.
– Smooth driving, no sudden braking, engine braking.
– Reduce speed, increase safety distances.
– Warm clothes, gloves, suitable shoes (you never know).
– And of course, always be vigilant, courteous and… patient.


From 1 November to 31 March, vehicles travelling in Haute-Savoie must be fitted with 3PMSF approved winter or 4-season tyres,
with a conforming marking or have chains or socks adapted to equip at least the 2 driving wheels.


To find out about road conditions, closures and works, visit the Inforoute74 website: