Snowshoe trekking - Let's cross Glières

Snowshoe trekking - Let's cross Glières
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A long wild getaway to the Plateau des Glières.

This snowshoe hike will first take you to the mountain pasture of Champs Laitier then you will cross the "Montagne des frêtes" to reach the Plateau des Glières, a high place of the Resistance during the last war. In winter, this isolated itinerary is wild and favorable to wildlife observation. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the history of the plateau and to discover why Champs Laitier was once inhabited all year round despite its isolation.

This hike is designed for adults accustomed to summer or winter hiking. The difficulty is "medium": no technical passage, a reasonable difference in altitude but a relatively long distance. It is therefore accessible to all hikers who practice the mountain as well as to all sportsmen and women.

For this classic hike, you'll need a safety kit (avalanche beacon, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe), an essential part of any winter outing.

Other equipment to bring: warm clothing, ski pants, hats, gloves, good hiking boots (warm and waterproof) or snow boots (warm with good soles), snowshoes, poles, picnic for lunch, water (spare T-shirt, hot drink if necessary).