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In all directions
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Plateau de Solaison
74130 Brison
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You want to learn how to read a map and find your bearings into the moutains ? Or discover how to use a GPS ? Join Marion, a hiking guide for a hald day in an orentiation hike adapted for adults and children.

Orienteering involves a variety of complex concepts. Through various exercises on the map and in the field, you'll discover or perfect your orienteering skills. You can put these elements into practice on Solaison's permanent, open-access course, or on a variety of courses that I can tailor-make for you, with non-permanent markers. Children can discover orienteering through a variety of games and races, from photo rallies to real orienteering races. So you'll never get lost again, even if the network goes down!

Level: easy to medium, depending on the level of the participants (more difficult routes are available for beginners, on request at least one day in advance).

Please specify your level and expectations when registering, so that I can prepare a suitable session.

Material provided : maps, compass, test of GPS, various teaching support...