Plateau des Glières

Plateau des Glières
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Plateau des Glières
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In an unspoiled and protected space at 1450m of altitude, at the very heart of the Haute Savoie, you will discover the Plateau des Glieres.
An historic and symbolic place ( World War II) about Resistance but also a land of outdoors activities in summer and winter.

The Plateau des Glieres is a must see in Haute Savoie : it have a symbolic history because of the Resistance, and this is a place of memory. Cultural tours are available throughout the year.

During winter, the Plateau des Glieres is the nordic site of Haute Savoie with 29 kilometers of cross country sky trail for all level as well as 17 kilometers of walking and snowshoeing trails. The perfect place to relax, enjoy snow and contemplate.

During summer, the Plateau des Glieres provides 8 hiking trails for all levels where you will appreciate a wide open and natural prairie and meet local people. If you want you will have the opportunity to buy local food (cheese) directly at the farm.

You want to discover a traditional meal ? Try the Batter-fried potatoes! You will find them in the different restaurant on the Plateau. There are also beds and breakfast and mountain shelters to welcome you.

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