The terrace of Ayze

The terrace of Ayze
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Parking de l'église d'Ayze
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An easy hike between forest and vines where you will discover all the delights of Ayze village!

Departure: Le Levry car park/Bonneville campsite/Ayze church car park
Difficulty: easy
Change in altitude (uphill): between 70 and 100 m
Walk time: between 45 mins and 1 hr 30
Period: Spring/summer/autumn
Age: from 5 yrs old

Access: From the centre of Bonneville, level with the Agora, follow signs to the campsite and then follow the road towards St-Etienne/Epargny. Take the first right and Le Levry car park is on your right. It is also possible to set off from Bonneville campsite.
Departure from Ayze church: take the D6, then follow the signs to the church.

Views: Arve valley, Le Môle, Andey and the Bargy mountain range and the Buet Massif of the Haut Giffre.

Description: From Le Levry car park or Bonneville campsite, walk in the direction of "Centre d'Ayze". After a short section on the road, take the footpath marked "Centre d'Ayze".
The Levry forest is a peaceful bit of the walk, with wooded undergrowth. Then the landscapes open into stunning views of the hillsides over the village, the Arve valley and the Bargy mountains. You will also be able to see in the distance the Massif du Haut Giffre (the Buet). The path you are on is typical of the farmland and vineyards of Ayze, terraced with old stone walls. You will get a good idea of Ayze's heritage and natural environment.
When you get to the road, keep walking to "Chez Chardon". Once you get to that area, take the path on your right which is a lovely little path running alongside the vines. Then, when you are level with the Hôtel Bellevue, you can take the return path on the right or prolong the walk by going in the direction of "Centre d'Ayze" to your left. Then at the intersection with the main road in Ayze, continue on towards the church.
Here you can enjoy the view over the ruins of the Château de la Motte.
To reach the "Centre d'Ayze", walk toward the Mairie and then along the road. Continue to Clos Chaboud, from where you can admire this part of the village.
The return is by the same path as the outward part of the walk. (If you are setting off from Ayze church, the description starts HERE). Follow the Route de Chez Chardon as far as the Hôtel Bellevue then follow Le Levry. You will cross the old Roman road which now runs alongside the vines.
Once you get to the road, follow Le Levry. Below the bend is a bench and a stela dedicated to old grape varieties: from here you can enjoy panoramic views over the vineyards. Return to Le Levry car park or to the Bois des Tours campsite.

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