The Leschaux Rocks loop

The Leschaux Rocks loop
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Plateau de Cenise
Le Petit-Bornand
74130 Glières-Val-de-Borne
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You will be walking between two plateaus where you will discover very different landscapes with their summer alpine chalets and a natural environment of limestone and cliff faces. At the very top, enjoy the magnificent 360ᵒ view.

Difficulty: average

Views: the Bargy mountain range, the Jalouvre peak, the Pointe Blanche, the Môle, the Bellajoux alpine pastureland, the Plateau de Glières and Paradis.

Cenise: at the Mairie in Le Petit Bornand, take the Puze road in the direction of Cenise. Leave your car at the first or second car park.
Solaison: Go as far as Brison and then follow signs to the Plateau de Solaison.

From the car park at Cenise, take the path in the direction of Cenise.
At the Chalets de Cenise, follow signs to Les Rochers de Leschaux (alt: 1936m) from where you can admire a stunning panoramic view.
Walk in the direction of Solaison, the path takes you down a ridge. You will find some of the sections quite steep where it might be useful to use your hands. You might even see ibex in this area. The path you are on follows a cliff face and then goes down into a spruce forest. Continue towards and then through the pastureland (if you are starting from the Plateau de Solaison, the walk description begins HERE).
Once on the Plateau de Solaison, follow signs to the "Grotte de la Glacière" passing close to the Restaurant des Rocailles. The path comes out into a forest. You will be walking along a cliff face which demands a certain level of concentration: the path is steep and sometimes slippery and you will have to go over several limestone crevasses. You will walk by the "Grotte de la Glacière" which is a gorge with a semi-permanent "névé" (old snow) from which a current of icy air escapes. Once you arrive at Le Perthuis, go in the direction of the Col de Cenise. Once you arrive at the Col, go towards Le Petit-Bornand until you reach the chalets at Cenise where you will find your departure point.

This hike can be done in the reverse direction but is slightly more technical.

You can download the route map for this hike!

Other departure : Plateau de Solaison

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