The "Barque islands" loop

The "Barque islands" loop
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Fancy a little trip out in the Bonneville area?
This easy, pleasant walk takes you between woods and the banks of the Arve and is great for everyone, both children and grownups alike.

Departure: Quai du Parquet or the Foirail car park in Bonneville
Difficulty: easy

Access: In Bonneville, on the right bank, you can park either at the Quai du Parquet car park (close to the Pont de l'Europe) or at the Foirail car park.

If you set off from the Quai du Parquet, you can use the new cycle path from the Pont de l'Europe as far as the new bridge downstream that crosses the Arve (a few meters from the Foirail car park).
From there you will continue alongside the Arve on a fairly wide path from where you can see vegetable gardens. Tour the ponds by one of the paths marked on the map below. Then return as far as the "new" footbridge (only for pedestrians and cyclists) that was on your left on the outward stretch. As you cross the bridge, you can admire the Môle (1863 m) and the Pointe d'Andey (1877 m). Then follow the signs that will take you alongside the Iles de la Barque (little islets in the river), over the fields at Toisinges, before bringing you back to the Bois-Jolivet district and the new bridge, with its safe cycle and pedestrian track.

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