Lessy lake by Mayse

Lessy lake by Mayse
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A well marked itinerary between forests and alpine meadows, this hike will take you via the hamlet of Mayse with its goats and then to the Lac de Lessy.

Difficulty: Difficult but very long

Views: Col de la Forclaz/Col de la Buffaz

Access: take the D12
Take the D12 as far as the hamlet of "La Ville" in Le Petit-Bornand, continue to the end of the no-through road where there is a car park.

From the car park, take the metal road in the direction of Mayse-Lac de Lessy. After several loops through the pastureland, the path goes through a forest: the upper sections of the path, almost horizontal at this point, go through several avalanche corridors where you can often see chamois. Go through the Mayse pastureland. Continue beyond the chalet, towards the Col de la Forclaz, where you might come across some goats.
At the Col de la Forclaz, go back down towards the Lac de Lessy.

Return by the same path.

Herding dogs are present in the vicinity of the lake from the beginning of July to the end of September, they must be approached with great caution and certain instructions must be respected (see video link for explanation). Dogs must be kept on a lead.

You can also download a route map for this hike!

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