Lessy lake by Cenise

Lessy lake by Cenise
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Chalet de Cenise
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This hike takes you around the foot of the Jalouvre, Le Petit-Bornand's highest peak (2408 m) and via the Col de Sosay from where you will be able to see the Lac de Lessy, the Jalouvre, the Pointe Blanche and the Plateau de Cenise.

Departure: Plateau de Cenise
Difficulty: average
Change in altitude (uphill): 597 m
Walk time: 3 hrs return
Period: June to October
Age: from 9 yrs old

Views: Pointe de Sosay, Aiguilles Vertes, Col de Sosay, peak of Le Jalouvre, Plateau de Cenise, Aiguille Verte.

Access: from La Mairie in Le Petit-Bornand, take the Puze road in the direction of Cenise. Leave your car at the first or second car park (road suitable for motor vehicles).

From the car park, take the path in the direction of Cenise. At the Chalets de Cenise, follow the direction for the Lac de Lessy (right). Walk along the path of the Col. In the first bend, take the first track that crosses an alpine meadow towards Le Jalouvre. Once on the grassy ridge, you will see the Chalets du Britalay. The path then verges to the left and passes under the rocks. Walk up to the ledge, past a pond, then take the path that goes along the side of the mountain over some scree and reach the Col de Sosay. From here you will see the Lac de Lessy, nestling at the foot of the Aiguille Verte. Follow the path downwards, leading gently to the Chalets de Lessy which overlook the lake.

Return: same route as the outwards walk.

You can also download the route map for this hike!

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