Hillside Môle loop

Hillside Môle loop
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Mairie de Marignier
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A hike that will take you to several places of interest in Marignier!

Departure: Mairie de Marignier car park
Difficulty: average
Time: 3 hrs 30
Change in altitude (uphill): 431 m
Period: April to October
Age: from 7 yrs old

Access: Take the D19 in the direction of Marignier to get to the Mairie de Marignier.

Views: Andey, Arve valley, the Bargy and the Martinet.

From the car park at the Mairie de Marignier, cross the D19 to the Rue des Balances, at the right of the SPAR shop and start walking along the dikes of the river Giffre which you will follow as far as the Vieux Pont. Turn into the Route des Capins which becomes a beaten track after the sharp bends. At the marker, take the path in the direction of Ossat. Walk up the little road in the middle of the hamlet until you reach the Ossat cross and then take the road on your left. At the Martelet cross, take the right hand fork of the junction. You will take a balcony footpath for 500 m, through vegetation typical of the south, and reach the Darelles intersection. Then go in the direction of Le Chèney, walking through a beech grove on a balcony path for 600 m, until you get to the old road of Le Chèney. Walk past the oratory, then the Ripensé crossroads on the far right, until you get to the hamlet of Le Chèney, walking in front of the old "mène" (little storage barn). At the junction, take the left fork and continue to walk uphill, passing the big bend and arriving 300 m further on at the oratory of l'Eponnet. Walk back up the bend along the little path which will take you into the centre of the hamlet of l'Eponnet. Continue up the steep street as far as the reservoir and take the left hand path as far as the meadows of the Martinet, which offer superb views of the valley and the Bargy and Aravis mountain ranges. You are now in the village of Ayze.
In order to return, double back on yourself as far as the reservoir and then follow the left hand path through the meadows. The path becomes a forest track, going uphill for 200 m before levelling out into a balcony path, until it reaches the crossroads with Le Pecheux. Take the right hand path, still going downhill as far as Marignier. Take care, this downhill section can be very slippery in wet conditions.

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