Priory of Contamine sur Arve

Priory of Contamine sur Arve
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The priory of Contamine sur Arve, the necropolis of the Sires of Faucigny and a Cluniac site is established in 1083 by Guy of Faucigny, bishop of Geneva.
This is the only Gothic church ( English and Welsh architecture), from the XIIIth century in Savoy.

It's in the wake of Pierre II of Savoy, in the XIIIth century that many Savoyard are traveling in England and Wales.

From theses discussions, now we have the church of the priory, built by the architect Jacques de St Georges. You will see some elements of the English architecture which is applied for the first and last time in Savoy.

In Savoy, this church is unusual. The rectangular and gemel windows and its tracery are under a lintel, itself situated under a drop arch used as discharging arch. All theses elements of English military architecture are applied to the church of Contamine sur Arve for the first and last time in our region.

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