Castle of Faucigny ' Sires

Castle of Faucigny ' Sires
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Built by Pierre II de Savoie and his daughter Béatrice de Faucigny in 1260, the château stands on a rocky outcrop at the foot of the Môle. It is the only remaining example of Savoyard military architecture from the Middle Ages in Pays de Savoie.

This large building faces east-west,in accord with the regular design known as "carré savoyard" or Savoyard square: a quadrangle with cylindrical towers at each corner. Only two of the corner towers remain, linked by an 18m² rampart to the east. On the southern wall, a bricked up gothic window with a double diagonal rib is visible, probably corresponding to the château's state room.
Once a manor house, then one of the count's residences, it became the seat of the lord of the manor following the fire in 1392 which destroyed its accommodation block.
From the 16th century, the château was turned into a prison, which saved it from ruin. It remained as such until 1934 and also during the second World War.
The château marks the beginning of Bonneville and remains one of its most impressive monuments. It has been listed as a Monument Historique since 1987.

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