Guided tour of the City of Bonneville

Guided tour of the City of Bonneville
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Faucigny Glières Tourisme
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74130 Bonneville
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You are invited to come and explore this historic town, capital of the Faucigny over the last seven centuries, between Geneva and Mont-Blanc, and with its neo-classical church and natural heritage.

Located at the heart of the Arve Valley between Geneva and Mont-Blanc, Bonneville was christened the Grande Dauphine by Béatrice de Faucigny and has been the capital of Faucigny over the last seven centuries.
It boasts an impressive built heritage, in particular the 13th century chateau which is typical of its period (Pierre II of Savoie), and several 19th century buildings: church, town hall, court house, Charles Félix column etc as well as the well-known "Maison des Têtes", from the baroque period.
Accompanied by a Savoie Mont Blanc heritage guide, you will explore the history of the town's streets from the chateau to the column, via the town centre. You can also explore the river Arve, an integral natural feature of Bonneville, with its history of flooding and dykes. Length of visit: 1 1/2 hrs.

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