Special child birthday

Special child birthday
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Plateau de Solaison
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You're looking for a funny idea for the birthday of your children ? If he love adventure, he will love this afternoon !

Come and celebrate your birthday in the mountain with Leo ! You will help him as a yeti, a trapper or as a healer (you will choose what you prefer). After all the activities, you will enjoy your birthday cake specially cooked by the restaurant of Solaison !

The yeti : For the one who love to investigate ! We saw this winter, a yeti prowling around the houses of Solaison... you may need to do active detective work to find him !

The healer (new) ! Leo, the fox, is injured, you have to find him and heal him. Go in the tipi and make some potions with the flora that you found before. You will become a great healer after that !

The trapper : After you found Leo the Fox thanks to an orientation game, test your agility and give some challenge to your friends. A story about the North will be told.

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